Butt Plug and diaper punishment

This is my reality.
Is it really a punishment ? It could be but for sure I love to tease my daddy for being punished.
In fact I like to be punished that way, but sometimes I’m always surprised by my Daddy, he always have a good inspiration.

Everyone can understand that a spanking is fun in an adult relationship.
Like most women I love being taken in hands, I always think about being spanked like a brat, a naughty little girl.
When I was young, around 6 to 8 I’ve been wet the bed and I had to wear pullups for two years.
I’ve never been spanked but I’ve heard stories about that and when I was touching myself for the first time, I was thinking being spanked or spank a men, it always aroused me.
Being spanked was not too difficult to suggest to your boyfriend, but diapered, I’ve made attempt with protection, peeing pants without doing it but none of my boyfriends and relations was thinking about diaper, the cliché is old incontinent people for most of the people.
I have another point of view, completely different. I found it smooth, sweet, like a whisper but I never try.
I was 25 I had a few spanking experiences but nothing great. I’ve peed my pants a few time too but no reaction from my boyfriends.
I’ve discover a friend of mine and he became my boyfriend he was shy but after breaking the thin ice layer I discover someone very deep, sensible and very funny.
Always the good words, I love the way we make love. He usually begin by sucking my nipples, breast palpations the cold breath on the tips of my breast make them hard and I begin to wet, at this moment he sent his hand exploring on the pubis, lightly he touch the high part of my lower lips, it’s very arousing, I open my legs with delight his hand alterning firm and lignt cuddle between my little hole and the pubis. Then his tongue explore all my private parts.
After all is open, all positions.
A perfect beginning of relation.
One day we were speaking about clean shaven pubis and the childish side of this statement, he say he appreciate a lot especially when his mounth is in this place.
Then he says he love the naughty little girl side with a bright look and smile. I was all aroused but I did not want to show him. Instead we laugh a lot and I began to pee my panties pretexting having laugh too much.
“All right baby, if you cannot hold your bladder, you’ll have to wear special underwears but now you need a good spanking”
I was all aroused, he took me on his lap, put my skirt up and he spank my wet panties, it was hard but I liked it. The lecture was long, he spanks me just on my wet panties.
Then he put me on the corner showing my red bottom. I was to stand in the corner and he says he’ll come back soon.
Five minutes later he came back with a package in his hand.
He calls me I stand in front of him I was always in my wet panties exposing it.
“Do you know what are wearing dirty little girl who pee her panties”
I replied thick undewear with interrogative look and I add “diapers ?”
“Yes honey” He stand up, took the bag of diaper, open it and get one of them.
I enjoyed this moment, my pussy was very wet. He goes to the bathroom and come with a little but plug.
I could not resist and I was very aroused.
Then he remove my wet panties and invte me to lay on the sofa. He pull my legs high and place the diaper under my red bottoms, He make me suck the plug to lubricate it, but my anus was wet from the moisture coming from my excited vulva and he inserted it without any resistance.
Just before closing the diaper on my pubis he began to play with his hand pressing on the plug and his tongue working on my clit and vulva. It does not take long for me to come very hard and deep, the plug and his tongue making the job very well.
Then he put the front of the diaper on my pubis and delicately fasten the four tapes one by one. After he pressed his hand on my open legs, what a pleasure feelong the bulging diaper, the soft matter on my most sensible and private part make this moment magic.
After a while he says he like to wear a diaper too, he like to try.
Without any hesiation I put his jeans and boxer down making him lies on his back.
I put the diaper under his bottom, I place it and I saw him very hard. I cannot resis to take him in my mouth. It dos not take a long time for him to come. Sucking his hard part slowly deeply with a hand between his legs caressing his anus, I feel him tense up and I was feeling all his precious juice flowing in my mouth and throat. I took the time to finish him wel as he can do for me.
One all clean, I fasten the tapes and I lay on his hot body to have big big hugs.
He patted my plugged and diapered bottom.
We spend all the end of the afternoon and the evening diapered and wetting a lot.
To be continued

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