Spanked by her babysitter

Katie Hartwall shuddered as she heard the front door close quietly. She sat on the sofa and tried to look like she was watching what was on the TV. The seventeen-year-old tried to do anything to take her mind off what was coming her way in the next few moments when her mum would walk into their comfortable living room. Katie Hartwall began to play with her long, brown hair, which she had tied up neatly behind her head, listening all the time to the sounds made by her mum who was undoubtedly sorting her things out in her downstairs office before confronting her only daughter about her poor behaviour and attitude at school that day.

Katie was undoubtedly going to get it. Her mum, Andrea Hartwall, took no nonsense from the usually well behaved Katie if she ever stepped out of line. The softly-spoken young lady had taken quite a few trips over her Head Mistress mother’s knees for even the slightest slip in behaviour. And today’s slip had been far more serious than anything that she had ever done before. The extremely tall, blue-eyed schoolgirl continued to listen and wait for her mother to walk into the living room, gently biting her lip, knowing that her mother was undoubtedly going to be furious at what Katie and four of her friends had done in Mrs. Gormley’s Maths lesson that Thursday morning.

The Hillhead College sixth former continued to worry as she listened to her mum, who was humming to herself in her office. This continued for a further ten minutes, until Andrea Hartwall finally walked into the living room and sat down carefully on one of the two armchairs to the right-hand side of where her daughter sat, looking down at her shiny black school shoes. The ladies sat in silence for a few moments before Andrea spoke.

“Well, Katie. I have to say that I’m really surprised to hear about what you and your “friends” did this morning.” Andrea Hartwall leaned forward in her chair and placed her hands flat on her black-skirted knees.

“I already know what Mrs. Gormley and Miss Handley have had to say about what your “friends” and yourself have done today.”

Katie stared at her mother as she emphasized the word “friends” once again. She knew that Andrea did not approve of the time she spent with Lucy, Chloe, Tia and Lianna.

“So, young lady. I want to know your side of the story and then we can decide upon a suitable punishment, can’t we?” Andrea continued, this time in her no-nonsense Head Mistress voice.

Her seventeen-year-old daughter shook her head and remained silent. She knew a spanking was coming her way. The question was just how severe and painful that spanking was going to be.

“I would like to know the part you played in today’s ‘fun’, young lady.” Ms. Hartwell continued to stare at her daughter.

Katie Hartwall took a deep breath and looked across at her dark-haired mother. She then shifted her gaze to her mother’s large, and extremely hard, hands. Katie sat back on the sofa, took another deep breath and then decided to tell her mother everything.

“It was Tia’s idea, Mum,” the dark-haired schoolgirl spat out.

“What was Tia’s idea?” Andrea smiled sweetly. She already knew what had transpired in Mrs. Gormley’s classroom that morning and what had happened to the girls afterwards.Her daughter began fidgeting with her hands, and it took her a few moments to reply.

“To mess with Mrs. Gormley’s chair so that it collapsed when she sat down on it.”

Katie Hartwall wanted to laugh. It had been funny when her Maths teacher had sat on her padded chair, only to end up flat on the floor as it collapsed under her weight. She fought the urge to burst out laughing – it would be a sure-fire way of getting a thrashing with the cane from her mum.

“And you think that something like that is funny and acceptable?” Andrea sat back in her armchair and exhaled deeply.

“No, Mum. But she’s horrible to us and treats us like we were still in the lower school. Lucy had got spanked over Mrs. Gormley’s knee last week and she did it in front of the whole class and when she punishes, it’s always done in front of the other girls.

“She gave Tia the ruler on the backs of her bare legs the other week just because she spoke without putting her hand up first,” she continued.

Ms. Hartwall smiled. Karen Gormley was indeed no-nonsense, no matter if the girls were in the lower school or in the Sixth Form. The ladies had started their teaching careers at the Hillhead College for Girls at the same time and were good friends. Mrs. Gormley had remained a classroom teacher, while Andrea had quickly climbed the school hierarchy so that after twenty-three years at the prestigious girls’ school she had become Head Mistress. Katie’s mum smiled as she thought about the numerous times she had heard Karen punishing her girls in her classroom.

“So, you decided to sabotage her chair so that she fell. Do you realise how dangerous that is, young lady?” Andrea stared at her daughter.

Katie Hartwall swallowed hard. She knew that if her mother referred to her as “young lady” then a spanking was sure to follow soon after.

“Yes, Mum, but I didn’t do anything. Lucy took the screwdriver from the Technology rooms and her and Tia loosened the screws on Mrs. Gormley’s chair so that when she sat down it would collapse.”

Katie bit her lip as she stared across at her mother.

“And after Mrs. Gormley fell, what did your class do?” Andrea got to her feet and looked down on her dark-haired daughter.

Katie Hartwall looked up at her mother and brushed her dark hair behind her right ear.

“We laughed.” She tried to stop the smile spreading across her face. “She went crazy and demanded to know who had messed with her chair but when we all denied everything and sat there in silence she walked out of the room and got Miss Handley,” Katie continued.

Andrea Hartwall gently ironed the creases from her long-sleeved white satin blouse and patiently waited for her daughter to continue.

“They were gone a while and when they came into the class, Miss Handley yelled at us and made all kinds of threats to us unless we admitted to who did it.” Katie wiped her nose with the back of her right hand.

“When no one owned up, she went and checked the CCTV of the corridor outside and found Tia, Lucy, Lianna, Chloe and me going into the classroom at break time when we shouldn’t have been there.” The seventeen-year-old could feel the tears starting to well up in her eyes.

Andrea took a few steps across the living room and sat next to her daughter on the sofa.

“And then what happened, young lady?” Ms. Hartwall smiled.

Katie swallowed hard.

“We got called out of the common room and were taken down to Miss Handley’s office. She had identified us on the cameras and didn’t mess about. She made Tia take her knickers down, raise her skirt and bend over her desk and she caned her.”

“Good,” Katie’s mother replied unintentionally.

“She got twelve and then while Tia was crying, being threatened by Miss with further strokes, Lucy admitted her part in it, so she got the same as Tia.”

Katie’s mother smiled. Emily Handley, the Head of Sixth Form, despite only being in her late twenties was a no-nonsense disciplinarian who did not hesitate to punish the sixth form girls severely for any slips in behaviour. A caning from the young lady with the long, dyed red hair was a most painful experience.

“And then what?” Ms. Hartwall leaned over and gently stroked her daughter’s long dark hair.

“She said that we had to do a week of after school detention with her and Tia and Lucy answered her back – they had been caned so that was their punishment. She shouted at them for arguing with her and then dragged them along to your office where you excluded them.” A tear dropped onto the girl’s light grey skirt.

“Yes, for three days because I won’t tolerate behaviour like that.” The forty-nine-year-old took a deep breath.

“So, now we have to move onto your punishment – and I’m not talking the detentions because that’s Miss Handley’s punishment. I’m talking the punishment you’re going to receive tonight for being such a naughty girl.” She smiled as Katie turned her head and stared at her.

“Now, I’ve got a governors’ meeting from six tonight, so I’ve arranged for Rosie to come over and baby-sit you – because your behaviour today suggests to me that you still need to be baby-sat even at seventeen years of age.”

“No way, Mum – not Rosie!” Katie spat out.

“Ssshhhhh!” Ms. Hartwall remained emotionless as her daughter panicked.

Once Katie had calmed herself, Andrea continued.

“Now. Rosie is going to come over and watch you while I’m out tonight. She was Head Girl at school, as you well know, so she’s perfect for dealing with your naughtiness, young lady.” Ms. Hartwall paused.

“I have asked her to punish you using the implements that I have selected, and you will take whatever she gives you and do so with no fuss, young lady.” The Head Mistress got to her feet and looked down on her daughter.

“Cause her any trouble then I will put you over my knee when I get home tonight and I’ll make sure that you won’t sit for a week. Do I make myself clear, young lady?” Katie’s mum tried to use her most severe teacherly tone.

The seventeen-year-old shook her head but knew she had lost. Rosie had spanked her before, and it had hurt. However, she was nowhere near as severe as her mum could be, especially when she was angry.

“Yes, Mum,” she replied quietly.

“Good. I won’t have you showing me up at work, young lady, and you are going to find out what happens if you want to mess around.”

At that moment, the doorbell sounded, and the two women looked at each other.

“That’s Rosie. Right on time.”

Andrea turned and left the living room, walking down the hallway and opened the front door. Whilst her mother was gone, Katie brushed her hair behind her ears and wiped her eyes. She was determined to avoid showing her mum, but especially Rosie, that she had been crying at the thought of being punished. A few moments later, Andrea returned to the living room followed by the short, blonde-haired Rosie. The twenty-one-year-old smiled as she noticed Andrea’s daughter sitting on the sofa, obviously aware of what was coming her way.

“Well, Rosie. I have told this naughty young lady what is about to happen to her tonight while I’m at the governors’ meeting and also what will happen to her if she decides to cause you any trouble.” Ms. Hartwall smiled at the young woman before looking down at her daughter.

“I’m sure that she won’t cause me any problems, Miss,” Rosie Benson replied softly.

“Because she knows how I’ll deal with her if she does, don’t you, naughty girl?” she added and smiled angelically.

Katie Hartwall looked down at her black school shoes and fought the urge to swear at the girl with the long blonde hair. She knew exactly how Rosie would deal with her if she caused her any problems – the caning with her mother’s senior school dragon cane she had received the last time Rosie had baby-sat her had meant she couldn’t sit down for days. All because she had argued about going to bed and then had been discovered using her mobile phone when she should have been asleep. Having her pyjamas pulled down by her next-door neighbour’s daughter and then having twelve full-force and nasty swipes with her mother’s harshest cane applied to her bottom had been an experience that she hadn’t forgotten – or wanted to repeat.

“Yes, Rosie. I’ll be good, Mum. I promise,” she answered meekly.

Andrea smiled at Rosie Benson.

“Well, Head Girl. I’ll leave Katie in your more than capable hands.” She smiled at her daughter before turning, walking out of the living room and heading to her downstairs office.

Rosie ran her hands through her long blonde hair before she focused her attention on Katie, who was sitting on the sofa, head bowed, looking at her shoes.

“I want you to stand up, walk over to that corner of the room, place your hands on your head and push your nose up against the wall, you naughty girl.” The twenty-one-year-old stared at Katie as she stood with her hands on her hips.

Andrea’s daughter slowly got to her feet and avoided looking at the much shorter older girl. She remained silent and instead concentrated on following Rosie’s instructions, quickly walking over to the corner of the room which the girl indicated and placing her hands on her head.

“Nose against the wall, girl!” the older girl snapped.

She smiled as she watched Katie Hartwall push her nose hard up against the living room wall. The baby-sitter stood watching the younger girl standing there in her short-sleeved light blue Hillhead College blouse, knee-length grey skirt, white socks and black shoes. After a few moments, Ms. Hartwall walked into the living room. She had put on her black jacket and had her large leather bag in her right hand.

“Right. Rosie. I’m off. I should be back just after nine tonight.” She walked over to where Katie was stood and looked at her daughter, who continued to stand with her nose against the wall.

Andrea placed her right hand on Katie’s covered bottom.

“I want you to use each of the implements that I have laid out on my desk and teach this naughty young lady that I will not tolerate bad behaviour either at school or at home. Do you understand, Head Girl?” Ms. Hartwall walked to the door and stood in the doorway.

Rosie nodded and walked across to where Katie was standing, hands on her head, in silence.

“Yes, Ms. Hartwall. I’ll spank her naughty little bottom and then put her to bed.” She smiled.

“Good.” Andrea turned to leave but then stopped and returned her attention to Rosie Benson.

“Otherwise, if you don’t do a good enough job I may have to put you over my knee to teach you how to do it properly,” she laughed.

Rosie Benson nodded nervously. She assumed that Andrea Hartwall was joking but wasn’t absolutely sure. The memory of being given twelve strokes with the senior dragon cane by the then Deputy Head Mistress as a condition of being made Head Girl at Hillhead College over four years previously, was still fresh in her head. As a good girl who had never experienced corporal punishment in her life, Rosie Benson had cried and shouted during those twenty minutes in Andrea’s office. It made her determined to lay her implements across the bottoms and hands of those students who were unfortunate enough to get sent to the Head Girl’s room as a result of their poor behaviour.

The short, blonde-haired girl stood and watched as Katie’s mum left the house and listened as she heard her car reverse off the driveway and then pull away down the street. After a few moments, she walked over to Katie and placed her small left hand on the girl’s back.

“Now. You’re going over my knee, where I’m going to smack your bottom.” She smiled as she inhaled Katie’s sweet perfume. “I’m going to make you very sorry for your bad behaviour today and then you’re going to bed.” Rosie Benson ran her left hand up and down Katie Hartwall’s back.

“I want you to turn around and take your hands off your head. You will then take all of your clothes off – place them on the armchair and then stand facing the sofa.” Rosie touched Katie’s bottom that was covered by her grey skirt.

“Do you understand me, you naughty little girl?” the ex-Head Girl snapped.

“Yes, Head Girl,” she answered quietly.

Rosie Benson laughed and stopped rubbing Katie’s bottom. She ran her hands through her long blonde hair.

“Good. Strip!” she instructed sternly.

Andrea’s daughter removed her hands from her head and slowly turned around, deliberately avoiding looking at the short, blonde-haired woman. She reluctantly began unbuttoning her light blue blouse and tried to concentrate upon doing as she had been told. Once satisfied that the tall, dark-haired girl was following her instructions Rosie walked out of the living room and headed to Andrea’s office to see what implements her former Head Mistress wanted her to use across Katie’s bottom.

After about five minutes, Rosie Benson picked up the implements from Ms. Hartwall’s desk and carried then into the living room, where she slowly and carefully laid them out on the expensive oak coffee table. The twenty-one-year-old babysitter smiled sweetly at Katie, who was standing absolutely naked, nervously surveying the collection of spanking tools that were on the table.

“Oh, poor Katie,” Rosie Benson said softly. “But don’t worry – I’ll take good care of you and ensure that you really learn your lesson this time.” She smiled as she bent down and picked up the ebony-backed clothes brush in her left hand.

The small, blonde-haired girl tapped the wooden brush gently against the palm of her small right hand.

“So, you naughty girl. Miss is going to smack your bottom and backs of legs with her hand, then the brush, then the leather paddle, the slipper, your mummy’s wooden paddle and then – finally – the cane on your cute little bum!”

Rosie Benson walked past Andrea’s daughter and sat down on the sofa, placing the clothes brush to her left-hand side. She put her hands on her knees and patted her denim jeans softly with both hands. The twenty-one-year-old’s large breasts moved under her white hoodie as she breathed.

“Get that lovely arse of yours over my lap and not a word from you, young lady – otherwise, Miss Benson will really make your mum proud of me.” She smiled.

Katie slowly stepped over to where Rosie was sitting and lowered herself down over the older girl’s knees, placing her head in her arms and closing her eyes. Blonde-haired Rosie used her right arm to lift Katie’s legs so that they were resting on the sofa. She then brushed Andrea’s daughter’s dark hair out of the way and smiled as she began rubbing the younger woman’s bare bottom and legs with her right hand.

“I am really glad that your mum asked me to baby-sit you tonight, Lovely. It’s been far too long since I smacked your lovely bum.” Rosie ran her right hand over Katie’s small but perfectly-formed buttocks.

“And then you’re going to show me how sorry you are for making me smack this lovely bottom of yours. Do you understand me, Katie?”

The blonde-haired lady gently pushed Katie Hartwall’s legs apart and touched the girl’s pussy lips with her fingers. She smiled as she felt how moist she was and at the moan that came from Katie.

“You bad, bad girl,” Rosie whispered in her ear before returning her attention to rubbing her right hand over every inch of Andrea’s daughter’s bottom and thighs.

Katie looked over to her left and looked up at Rosie, who was smiling as she continued to run her fingers over every inch of Katie’s bottom. The younger girl wanted to tell her neighbour’s daughter where to go but decided better of it. She had been spanked by Rosie before and knew how hard she could punish. The prospect of receiving an even harder spanking from the older girl made Katie decide to just play along instead.

“Yes, Head Girl,” she replied softly.

Just as she buried her face in her arms and closed her eyes in anticipation of the spanking coming her way, Katie felt Rosie’s right hand being lifted from her exposed bottom. Out of the girl’s sight, the twenty-one-year-old ex-Head Girl smiled, took a deep breath, adjusted her position on the sofa until she was comfortable and then brought her small right hand down with a loud “slap!” It landed across the fleshy centre of Katie Hartwall’s small bottom and Rosie held her hand there for a few moments, until she saw the dark-haired girl squirm as the pain registered in her brain. Andrea’s daughter resumed her position and closed her eyes even tighter. She knew what was coming her way.

“Now. You little bitch. I’m going to show you that your mum and I are in charge around here and that you should do exactly what you are told at the first time of asking. Am I making myself clear, Katie?” Rosie Benson raised her right hand in the air and flicked her long blonde hair behind her ears.

“Yes, Rosie,” Katie replied, her voice muffled by her arms.

“Slap!” Rosie landed a full-force smack across the younger girl’s right bum cheek.

“Yes, Miss. Or Yes, Miss Benson. Or Yes, Head Girl!” Rosie snapped and slapped Katie twice more in quick succession.

“Slap!” “Slap!”

Andrea’s daughter squirmed and tried her best to get away from her disciplinarian’s hard hand, but it was no use. Eventually, she managed to reply.

“Yes, Miss Benson. Yes, Head Girl. Yes, Miss – I’m sorry! Please stop!” Katie already had tears in her eyes.

She moved her right hand that had been covering her face and placed it across her bottom in an attempt to stop any further punishment.

“Not a chance, you naughty, naughty girl!” the older girl replied coldly.

Rosie grabbed hold of Katie’s right hand in her left and pinned it against the dark-haired girl’s back. She smiled as Andrea’s daughter winced.

“You’re not going to get off so lightly this time, Katie Hartwall. Your mum wants you to be spanked, so a spanking you shall receive – no matter how much you shout, scream, wriggle or squirm!” the ex-Head Girl explained softly.

After a few moments where Rosie ensured that she had secured the younger girl firmly in position over her knee and to allow Andrea’s daughter to calm down, the short, blonde-haired girl raised her right hand in the air once more.

“Let’s continue, young lady.” She smiled as she brought her hard hand down against the lower part of Katie’s small bottom. The sounds of punishment echoed around the living room.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The hard-handed ex-Head Girl said nothing as she concentrated upon laying her first smacks out across the centre of the seventeen-year-old’s bottom as hard as she physically could. She smiled as she saw the almost-immediate change in colour of the girl’s bottom – from a pale white to a light shade of pink and also at Katie’s squirming and sniffing.

“Oh, poor Katie Hartwall. Maybe you’ll learn to behave yourself after Miss Benson has ensured that you can’t sit down for a week. Just a pity that she can’t get her hands on those friends of yours too and give them the same treatment, isn’t it, sweetie?”

Katie buried her head deeper into her arms and the tears began flowing freely from her eyes. Although she would love to see her friends receiving the same treatment as she was, she already knew that Lucy, Lianna and Chloe would most likely be in the same position as she was right now. All of them would have some trouble sitting down the following morning. Only Tia, the ring-leader in all of this, would probably escape further punishment at home as her parents did not believe in using corporal punishment on their spoilt daughter.

Andrea’s daughter did not reply to Rosie and prepared herself for the continuation of her punishment.

“You, bad, bad girl!” the older girl hissed as she brought down her hard hand once more.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Again, the fleshy centre of Katie Hartwall’s bottom received a painful visit, the young disciplinarian delivering her slaps slowly and as hard as she could.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Another slow and deliberate dose of Rosie’s hand caught Katie in between the buttocks and thighs. She squirmed for all she was worth, but Rosie Benson simply used all her strength to push the younger girl down into her lap and stop her moving. The discomfort of having her right arm pushed ever so slightly further up her back by her disciplinarian made Katie stop and settle.

“You’re not going anywhere, Miss Hartwall. At least not until the Head Girl has taught you a lesson so you may as well just lie as still as you can and cry your eyes out because I won’t stop until I am satisfied. Do I make myself clear, you naughty girl?”

Miss Benson did not wait for a reply. There wasn’t one in any case. She simply raised her right hand in the air once more and resumed Katie’s spanking.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Another short and slow burst targeted the seventeen-year-old’s bottom, Rosie alternating her slaps between left and right bum cheek. Andrea’s daughter seemed to relax a little, so the ex-Head Girl relaxed the grip she had on the girl’s right arm and smiled as the younger woman returned it to her face and buried her head into it.

“That’s it, you naughty girl. Just lie there and take your punishment like a good girl.”

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Rosie Benson continued to concentrate her onslaught against the centre of the dark-haired girl’s bottom, varying the speed and the force used. She smiled as she began to feel the heat coming from the younger girl’s bottom. The sound of Katie sniffing and sobbing made her smile. The Head Girl’s message was definitely being received.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

A dozen slow, and hard smacks across the backs of Katie Hartwall’s legs finally broke the girl. She began crying and pleading with Rosie to stop. She would be good. She would stop seeing her friends. She would do whatever Rosie asked her to do.

“Ssshhhh, Lovely.” Miss Benson gently stroked Katie’s dark hair and then began rubbing every inch of the younger girl’s bottom and thighs.

They were warm to the touch and Rosie Benson smiled as she noticed the neat red handprints that had been left by her right hand on the backs of Katie Hartwall’s legs.

“I haven’t even started to deal with you yet – we have all the implements to use, so you better just lie there and sob your heart out.” She stroked the girl’s bottom before reaching between Katie’s legs and touching her pussy.

It was moist and as Rosie continued to move her fingers back and forwards over the younger girl’s pussy lips, Andrea’s daughter unintentionally opened her legs wider, her sobs and sniffs now mixed in with moans.

The ex-Head Girl smiled and continued to touch the dark-haired girl for a few minutes.

“If you’re a good girl and take your punishment, then maybe Miss will soothe you afterwards – and maybe you can take care of Miss too to show her that you’re truly sorry for making her have to punish you in such a way,” Rosie Benson whispered into Katie’s left ear.

The older girl continued rubbing and touching Katie for a while before deciding to return to the task in hand.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Katie began crying once more as the spanking targeted the backs of her legs.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

A minute-long, rapid-fire dose of Rosie’s right hand added to the fire that Katie already felt across the centre of her small bottom.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

A dozen, full-force, slow and extremely painful slaps across the creases in between buttocks and thighs concluded the beginning of the punishment.

Once satisfied that she had spanked Katie’s bottom thoroughly, Rosie paused and placed both hands flat on the girl’s back. She spent a few minutes running her small hands over every inch of Andrea’s daughter’s hot and sore bottom and backs of her legs. She ignored the sniffs and sobs coming from the sofa and concentrated on soothing the younger girl.

“Now. That’s just the beginning, naughty. Miss Benson has so much more that she has to give you.” She smiled as Katie moved her head and looked up at her, tears dripping down onto the sofa.

“You heard Ms. Hartwall – if I don’t spank you properly, then I’ll get spanked too, and I don’t think that is fair at all, do you, Katie?”

Andrea’s daughter didn’t reply and simply shook her head.

“Good girl,” Rosie said softly and gently tapped Katie’s bottom with her right hand.

She reached over to her left-hand side and pulled the ebony-backed clothes brush out from under Katie, who had lain over it. The twenty-one-year-old disciplinarian contemplated the eight-inch long, wooden backed brush for a few moments before she playfully brushed Katie’s hair with it before running the bristles down the girl’s back, bottom and finally, the backs of her legs. Andrea’s daughter squirmed as the sensation registered in her brain.

“Now, let’s continue with teaching you what happens if you’re a naughty Hillhead girl, shall we?” Rosie turned the brush over and laid the wooden back against the younger girl’s hot bottom.

Rosie Benson smiled as she waited for Katie to settle over her lap once more. She had loved using the clothes brush during her time as Head Girl. It definitely was one of her favourite implements and always achieved the desired outcome when she applied it across the bare bottom of any girl who was unfortunate enough to get sent to her study for punishment.

“Miss is going to give you twenty-four smacks with her brush, young lady and you’re going to take them like a good Hillhead College girl. Do I make myself clear, Madam?” The older girl raised the brush in her right hand and waited.

The seventeen-year-old Sixth Form student did not reply. She was far too busy sniffing and sobbing into her arms. She simply nodded. Rosie laughed to herself as she saw Katie’s head moving. It was time to teach this young lady how disappointed she was in having to punish her for acting so childishly.

“Very well, young lady.” Rosie smiled as she sent the oval-headed brush hurtling through the air, its journey broken when it connected solidly with Katie’s bottom with a loud “Thump!”.

The ex-Head Girl nodded as she saw the red mark the ebony-backed brush left on the younger girl’s bottom. Katie Hartwall buried her head in her arms and her sobs and sniffs began once again as the older woman administered this part of Andrea’s daughter’s punishment.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump! “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

The experienced spanker slowly and carefully laid out her first smacks across the already red and sore centre of the dark-haired girl’s bottom. Katie buried her head deeper in her arms, not bothering to hide the fact that she was crying uncontrollably.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump! “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

Andrea’s daughter received another quick-fire dose with the nasty brush across the fleshy part of her small bottom.

The ex-Head Girl paused and spent a few minutes rubbing, touching and gently squeezing Ms. Hartwall’s daughter’s bottom. Rosie brushed her long blonde hair back behind her ears before taking aim with Andrea’s brush once more.

“Now, Katie Hartwall. Eleven more smacks with mummy’s brush and then Miss will give your bottom a nice rub. Would you like that?” She laughed as she laid the brush against the creases in between Katie’s buttocks and thighs.

Katie did not answer. She was too busy sniffing, sobbing and snivelling. Her bottom was on fire and she tried to take her mind off the pain that Rosie Benson had ignited in her bottom.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump! “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

The ex-Head Girl held the younger girl in place over her lap with her strong left arm. She concentrated on making her final five swipes with the not so innocent-looking brush count. She administered them as slowly and as hard as she physically could.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump! “Thump!” “Thump!”

After a moment to re-gather her composure, Rosie Benson threw the brush onto the sofa and ran her hands over every inch of the small, red and swollen bottom in front of her. She tried to ignore Katie’s sobs and sniffs, concentrating upon touching and rubbing every part of the girl’s perfectly formed bottom that was lying at her mercy in front of her. The blonde-haired girl gently pushed the fingers on her right hand between Ms. Hartwall’s daughter’s legs and slowly and gently touched her pussy lips. The seventeen-year-old was wet and Rosie laughed.

“Enjoying yourself, Katie?” she whispered as she continued to touch and tease the younger girl.

Once the younger girl had calmed herself, Rosie Benson stopped soothing her and placed both hands flat on the girl’s bare back.

“Stand up and go and fetch Miss Benson your mum’s small leather paddle.” She playfully tapped Katie’s red and sore bottom gently with her right hand.

The dark-haired girl said nothing as she slowly and awkwardly got to her feet and looked down at her older disciplinarian. She took the opportunity to wipe the tears away from her eyes with both hands before brushing her long dark hair behind her ears and walking to the coffee table where she bent down and picked up the small, tan coloured, oval-headed leather paddle, that she had felt on numerous occasions in the past. She slowly walked back to Rosie who was sitting on the sofa, adjusting the sleeves on her white hoodie. She took the small paddle in her outstretched right hand and gestured for the younger woman to resume her position across her knee.

Within a few minutes, Katie Hartwall had resumed her position – face buried in her arms across Rosie’s lap. The disciplinarian had lifted the younger girl’s legs onto the sofa once more and concentrated on laying the small, oval-headed leather paddle out against Katie’s small bottom.

“Now, naughty. Twenty-four smacks with mummy’s paddle and I want no fuss from you, do you understand me, Madam?” Rosie Benson deliberately aimed for the creases in between Katie’s buttocks and thighs.

After a few moments of sniffing and sobbing, Katie Hartwall replied quietly.

“Yes, Head Girl. I’m sorry, Head Girl!”

The twenty-one-year-old ex-Head Girl tightened the grip she had around Katie’s waist before laying out her smacks. She took ten minutes to deliver this part of the girl’s punishment, administering the small piece of leather to her neighbour’s bottom, slowly and as hard as she could.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

Once she had completed this part of the younger girl’s punishment, Rosie Benson threw the tan-coloured paddle onto the sofa and began to rub and touch Katie’s red and swollen bottom and thighs gently with her right hand. She did this until she could hear that the younger girl had calmed down.

“Right, sweetie. Stand up and face me.” She deliberately touched Katie Hartwall’s pussy lips. She could feel that Ms. Hartwall’s daughter was as aroused as she was and smiled. After a few minutes, Katie was standing facing Rosie – rubbing the tears from her eyes with the backs of her hands.

The babysitter stared up at the younger girl and smiled. She adjusted her white hoodie and her blonde hair before she slowly got to her feet. She bent down and picked the clothes brush and the leather paddle from the sofa before returning them to the expensive oak coffee table. Rosie Benson licked her lips as she picked up the slipper in her left hand and began tapping it noisily against the palm of her right hand.

“Get yourself over the arm of the sofa and stick that bottom right up for me, naughty girl!” Miss Benson hissed and smiled as Katie complied quickly and silently.

“Would you like a cushion to put your face in?” She walked across to the armchair and picked up one of the large red cushions, holding it out to the younger girl.

Katie Hartwall took it in her right hand, resumed her position and buried her red and tear-stained face as deep as she could into the soft cushion.

“Well, the next part of naughty Katie’s punishment is going to be twenty-four smacks with the slipper.”

The older girl walked behind Andrea’s daughter and stood to the girl’s left-hand side, where she measured the large, black slipper out against the small, and already sore, bottom before her.

“Now, apart from the caning your mum gave me as part of becoming Head Girl, the only other punishment I ever received at school was a walloping with Mrs. Conway’s slipper in PE when I forgot my kit.” She began tapping the large, hard-soled slipper against Katie’s small bottom. “Six of the best from her whilst I was bent over the vaulting horse and it hurt – and I cried,” she added.

Rosie Benson flicked her blonde hair from her eyes and smiled.

“Mummy wants me to give you twenty-four whacks with the slipper, Katie, and they will be given hard.” She drew the size eleven slipper back.

“No fuss – or I’ll start all over again, young lady. Just stay in position and hold on tightly.”

The twenty-one-year-old wasted no time in administering this part of Katie’s punishment, and despite a few moments between each smack with the heavy slipper, and a little time to allow the girl to re-gather her composure and to re-take her position over the arm of the sofa, the dark-haired girl took them well, crying and sobbing into the cushion in front of her.

“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”

Once she had administered the final smack with the nasty, heavy slipper, Rosie walked across to the coffee table and placed the large slipper down, picking up Andrea’s legendary American-style holed spanking paddle. Rosie Benson ignored Katie’s sniffs and sobs and decided to push on with the girl’s punishment. She checked the clock on the wall – 7.35pm. She would have to get on with things if she was to take Katie to bed and soothe her and to get the dark-haired Sixth Former to pleasure her too.

Within moments, Rosie Benson had re-taken her position at the left-hand side of Andrea’s daughter, who was bent over the arm of the sofa, red and bruised bottom proudly sticking up in the air. The ex-Head Girl touched the younger girl’s bottom gently with the heavy, dense piece of wood with the eight holes along its eighteen-inch length. Again, she ignored the dark-haired girl’s sniffs and sobs.

“Twenty-four with Mummy’s paddle and then we’re nearly done. No fuss, Katie Jessica Hartwall, otherwise I’ll have to start over from number one!” Rosie announced in her strictest tone of voice.

Katie did not react and instead pushed her head deeper into the cushion in front of her, causing her bottom to rise even higher.

“Good girl.” Miss Benson smiled as she drew the heavy paddle back.

It landed a few moments later across the centre of the younger girl’s already sore and swollen bottom with a loud “whack!” The sound echoed around the living room.

Rosie Benson ignored Katie’s screaming, pleading and cries and concentrated upon administering this part of the girl’s punishment as quickly, and as severely, as she could.

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

The twenty-one-year-old disciplinarian paused and leaned in close to inspect the sore and red bottom lying in front of her. She took a few moments to run her hands over the red-hot bottom and thighs in front of her before she resumed her position at Katie’s left-hand side. Within a few minutes, she had administered the final smacks with Andrea’s prized spanking paddle.

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

Rosie Benson spent a few minutes soothing Katie, who was crying and sniffing once more. The older girl took the chance to touch and run her long fingernails over every part of the dark-haired girl’s bottom, thighs and legs, pausing to kiss Katie’s warm bottom softly. Eventually, Miss Benson stood up and returned the wooden paddle to the table before she picked up Andrea’s black-handled, senior dragon cane. This was the same type of cane with which she had been given twelve, no-nonsense strokes as part of becoming Head Girl at Hillhead College over four years ago. The memory was still fresh in her head as if Andrea Hartwall had just administered those nasty, cold strokes.

The young disciplinarian carefully took up her position at Katie’s left-hand side and took her time to measure the dense, thirty-inch-long cane across the small bottom presented in front of her. Rosie Benson sighed heavily as she noticed how red and sore the young lady’s bottom was, but she needed to conclude the punishment as she had been instructed to do by Katie’s mum. She placed her left foot about twelve inches in front of her right, placed her left hand on her hip and took aim. It was just like those many times previously in the Head Girl’s room at Hillhead College. She smiled.

“Now, young lady. You are going to count and then you will say ‘Thank you, Head Girl.’ is that clear, Katie Hartwall?” Rosie began gently tapping the girl’s bare bottom with the cane and waited for a reply.

It took a sniffing and snivelling Katie a few minutes to reply. Eventually, she managed to raise her head from the sofa, turn and look towards blonde-haired Rosie and reply quietly and submissively.

“Yes, Miss Benson.”

She then returned her head to the cushion on the arm of the sofa and awaited the finale to her punishment.

The ex-Head Girl continued to tap the cane against Katie’s bottom for a few moments until she was absolutely satisfied where her first stroke would land. She said nothing as she drew the ten-millimetre-thick cane back, paused, took a breath and then, once ready, brought it swishing through the air, the sound broken when it landed across the centre of Katie Hartwall’s bottom with a loud,


The sound echoed around the living room.

Andrea’s daughter pushed her face deeper into the cushion as the immense pain registered in her brain and she shouted out, the tears beginning to flow freely once again. Out of her sight, Miss Benson waited and took aim with the cane once again. She smiled as she noticed the neat thin red tram line that had appeared in the middle of Katie’s right buttock.

“One. Thank you, Head Girl!” the seventeen-year-old eventually replied.

A second later, the next stroke was sent on its way, landing a moment later across Katie Hartwall’s left buttock.


Again, it took the younger girl a few moments to calm herself enough to reply.

“Two. Thank you, Head Girl!”

The babysitter wasted no time in administering the rest of that first half a dozen swipes with Andrea Hartwall’s nastiest cane.


“Three. Thank you, Head Girl!”


“Four. Thank you, Head Girl!”


“Five. Thank you, Head Girl!”


“Six. Thank you, Head Girl!”

The blonde-haired twenty-one-year-old woman paused and leaned in close to inspect Katie’s hot and swollen bottom. Rosie Benson ran her left hand over every inch of the younger girl’s bottom and thighs and pressed her fingers gently against the six, straight red lines that covered both bum cheeks from those first six strokes with the cane. She laughed as Katie sobbed and sniffed before resuming her position to the girl’s left-hand side.

“Now, you naughty, naughty girl. Head Girl is going to give you those final six strokes as hard as she can so that they act as a reminder to you that you are not to behave in such a way again.” She paused as she adjusted the sleeves on her white hoodie before resuming her stance at Katie’s side.

“And then, if Katie is a good little girl, Miss will soothe her and take care of her to show that she has been forgiven.” Rosie licked her lips.

“Just these last six strokes, sweetie – remember to count and thank Miss for each one,” she purred.

Within a minute, that seventh stroke landed across the lower part of Katie Hartwall’s right bum cheek and the girl kicked her right foot up as the pain registered. It took her an age to calm herself enough to answer.

“Seven. Thank you, Head Girl!”

Blonde-haired Rosie wasted no time in administering those final swipes with Andrea’s cane. She wanted to spend as much time as she could in Katie’s bedroom before Ms. Hartwall arrived home from her meeting. Within seconds of Katie’s reply, the next stroke landed in the crease between lower buttock and thigh.


“Eight. Thank you, Head Girl!”

The seventeen-year-old Sixth Former’s left buttock and thigh received the same treatment from Rosie.


“Nine. Thank you, Head Girl!”

Again, the cane left a neat red tram line across the crease in between buttock and thigh, Katie taking an age to answer her disciplinarian.


“Ten. Thank you, Head Girl!”


“Eleven. Thank you, Head Girl!”


“Twelve. Thank you, Head Girl!”

Rosie Benson laughed as she watched Katie squirming and wriggling around on the sofa, bottom undoubtedly on fire from the punishment that she had received that evening. The dark-haired schoolgirl was sobbing and sniffing loudly, and this made the young disciplinarian feel satisfied. Just as she often did while she was Head Girl at Hillhead College, just to drive her message home and to show the naughty girls who was in charge and what would happen if they dared to get sent to her for a repeat performance in the future, Miss Benson laid Andrea’s cane against the centre of Katie’s bottom once more, bringing it down as hard as she could a second later.


Katie screamed and then began crying loudly.

“Thirteen. Thank you, Head Girl!”

Rosie smiled and walked to the coffee table, where she placed the cane down beside the other implements before walking back to the sofa.

“And one just to show you who is in charge here, you naughty young lady!” Rosie Benson smiled as Andrea’s daughter held the cushion to her face for all she was worth.

The young babysitter bent down and gently ran her left hand across Katie Hartwall’s bottom. It was red and swollen in places. Rosie smiled as she admired the collection of neat thin red lines that the cane had left on the younger girl’s buttocks. She smiled as she touched every inch of Katie’s bottom and thighs and listened to Andrea’s daughter sniffing and sobbing into the cushion. The blonde-haired girl looked at the clock once again – just before 8pm. She had an hour before Andrea said she would be home.

“Wait here, sweetie, and I’ll go and get something to cool and soothe your naughty bottom.” Rosie Benson leaned over and gently kissed Katie’s hot and sore bottom.

The younger girl simply remained bent over the arm of the sofa, sniffing and sobbing into the cushion. Andrea’s neighbour smiled as she turned and walked out of the living room. She climbed the stairs and opened the bathroom door. The ex-Head Girl opened the cabinet that was in front of her on the wall and rummaged around until she found what she was looking for – a tube of cooling gel and a pack of antiseptic wipes. She pulled them out with her right hand and closed the doors before heading back to the living room. Katie Hartwall was still lying over the sofa, face in the cushion, sobbing.

The babysitter smiled as she placed the tube of aloe vera gel on the coffee table. She opened the pack of wipes and walked back to Katie, pulling out a couple of wipes before throwing the pack onto the sofa.

“Now, young lady. I hope that you have learned your lesson tonight and that you are going to be a good girl from now on.” She bent down and began slowly and gently rubbing the cool and moist wipe over every part of Katie’s red and sore bottom and thighs.

“I don’t like having to spank your bottom like that because you’ve been naughty, but I will do it every day if that’s what your mum asks. Are we clear, Katie?” The older girl continued to rub the cooling wipes over Andrea’s daughter’s bottom.

Katie Hartwall did not reply. She was still sniffing and sobbing into the cushion but began to enjoy the sensation of having the cold wipes soothe her sore bottom and thighs. The feeling was making her become aroused and she decided to push her luck with Rosie by opening her legs slightly. Rosie Benson focused her attention on covering every part of the girl’s bottom and legs with the wipes but eventually noticed that Ms. Hartwall’s daughter had opened her legs. She touched the girl’s pussy lips with her fingers and smiled as Katie moaned.

“Bad, bad girl!” Rosie whispered.

After a few minutes, the twenty-one-year-old got to her feet and threw the used wipes onto the coffee table. She picked up the tube of aloe vera gel and flipped the cap of the tube open with her left hand before squirting a good handful into the palm of her right hand. She closed the cap of the tube and placed it next to the implements that were lying on the coffee table. The blonde-haired disciplinarian walked the few steps back to the sofa, where she spent the next ten minutes massaging the cooling gel into Katie’s bottom and thighs. Rosie smiled as she heard the younger girl calming down and becoming increasingly turned on by having her bottom, thighs and pussy touched by Rosie’s hands.

“Now. Naughty. I want you to get yourself up to your bedroom and get yourself to bed.” Rosie leaned over and picked up the pack of wipes from the sofa.

“Pick your uniform up and take it up with you and then Miss is going to come and check on you in a few minutes,” she smiled as Katie slowly, and carefully, got to her feet.

The tall, dark-haired girl immediately placed both hands over her bottom and began rubbing it frantically in an attempt to cool it down. She brushed her hair from her eyes and wiped her eyes and her nose with her hands before looking at her disciplinarian.

“If you’re a good girl, then perhaps the Head Girl will soothe you some more.” Rosie Benson smiled angelically as she watched the younger girl walk over to the armchair and pick up the pile of clothes.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” Katie Hartwall said almost in a whisper.

“I know, sweetie,” Rosie nodded.

“Get to bed and I’ll be up in a minute – you better be in bed, otherwise you’ll be going over my knee again.” The twenty-one-year-old watched Katie leave the living room and quickly head up the stairs to her bedroom.

Rosie busied herself by cleaning Andrea’s implements with antiseptic wipes before returning them to the study. She then tidied away the mess. She began by picking up the used antiseptic wipes and taking them into the kitchen, where she placed them in the bin. Next, the short, blonde-haired woman removed her white hoodie, folding it neatly and placing it over the arm of the sofa. She then sat down on the sofa and removed her white trainers and socks, placing them to the side. The young disciplinarian smiled as she heard the floorboards creaking in Katie’s room as the girl obviously moved around and then got into bed.

It was time for Rosie Benson to see how truly sorry the young lady was.

She picked up the tube of gel and the wipes and walked out into the hallway and then up the stairs, returning the tube of gel and the wipes to the bathroom cupboard before walking along the landing until she came to Katie Hartwall’s bedroom door. It was slightly open, and the blonde-haired girl could see that Ms. Hartwall’s daughter had followed her instructions and was already in bed. Rosie pushed the bedroom door open gently and walked inside, closing the door quietly behind her. She smiled as she could see Katie trying to pretend that she was asleep.

Rosie Benson quickly slipped her white t-shirt over her head and threw it on top of Katie’s chair, which was already covered by the girl’s school uniform. Next, Rosie unfastened her silky white bra and soon added this to the pile. She quickly unzipped her denim jeans and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. Finally, the twenty-one-year-old slipped both hands down the side of her white knickers and slipped them down, stepping out of them as they hit the bedroom floor. The blonde-haired woman stood and touched her large breasts for a moment before walking over to Katie’s double bed. She pulled the duvet back and lay down, looking at the girl’s long dark hair that ran nearly the length of her back.

“Now, you naughty girl, Miss is going to take care of you to show you that you have been forgiven for your behaviour,” Rosie whispered as she kissed Katie on the neck.

The younger, dark-haired girl turned onto her back and lay looking up at the older woman. She smiled as her babysitter leaned across and kissed her softly on her lips.

“I’m sorry, Rosie. I promise that I won’t behave like that again – and I’ll stay away from Tia and Lucy!” she spat out.

Rosie Benson placed the index finger of her right hand over Katie Hartwall’s lips.

“Sssshhhh, sweetie!” She kissed her again and smiled. “I know you won’t behave like that again and I think that Miss needs to show you that she still loves you, Katie.” The twenty-one-year-old moved her fingers from Katie’s lips down her body until she stopped once she had found the younger girl’s small but perfectly-formed breasts.

“Just relax and let Rosie show you how much she really loves you,” the blonde-haired girl purred, and she moved her head down, smiling as she took hold of Katie’s right breast in her hand and gently moved it towards her mouth.

The seventeen-year-old Sixth Former squirmed around on her bed as she felt the babysitter gently licking her dark brown nipple. Katie closed her eyes and tried to relax as Rosie Benson continued licking, then gently kissing and then biting her nipple softly. Ms. Hartwall’s daughter was wet and opened her legs, her breathing beginning to come in gasps.

Rosie Benson continued to bite and suck on the younger girl’s small breasts, slipping her right hand between Katie’s legs. She smiled as she felt the girl’s shaven pussy and spent a few moments stroking her between the legs and buttocks with her fingers, before slowly, and carefully, slipping two fingers of her right hand inside Katie Hartwall’s wet pussy. She ignored the girl’s moans and gasps and slowly touched and explored every inch of her very attractive younger neighbour. After a few moments, Rosie began working her fingers backwards and forwards, slowly and gently smiling as she listened to Katie’s satisfied moans.

As Andrea’s daughter pushed her head back into her pillows, Rosie touched the girl’s clit and began to build up the intensity. She rubbed her fingers harder and harder, backwards and forwards inside Katie’s wet pussy. The twenty-one-year-old babysitter smiled as she worked away with her fingers, holding her fingers and pushing against the younger girl’s clit when she heard Katie squealing with pleasure. Within moments, the dark-haired girl came to a noisy orgasm and collapsed into the pillows on her bed.

Rosie Benson made the younger girl come twice more, before Katie pushed her down onto her back and began to return the favour. Katie Hartwall leaned over the older woman and began licking and kissing Rosie Benson’s large and perfectly formed breasts. The blonde-haired babysitter just lay back on the bed and allowed Katie to take control. Within moments, she felt the younger woman’s fingers inside her wet pussy and the innocent-looking seventeen-year-old began touching every part of her until she ran her fingers across the older woman’s clit. Over the next ten minutes, Andrea’s daughter made Rosie climax three times, each time more intense than the last. After that third, noisy orgasm, the girls collapsed into one another’s arms and held each other tightly, kissing and touching one another until they had calmed themselves.

Eventually, Rosie kissed Katie on the forehead and smiled at the younger girl. She got up from the bed and began to get dressed.

“Better get ready because your mum will be back soon,” she smiled.

Katie looked across at her lovingly from the bed and smiled when the blonde-haired woman walked back to the bed and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Be a good girl, Katie – or I’ll have to punish you again, won’t I?” she purred, stealing one last kiss.

“Can’t wait, Head Girl,” she replied softly and smiled.

Rosie Benson hadn’t been sat in the living room long when Ms. Hartwall returned from her meeting. The babysitter had managed to replace her hoodie and shoes and had picked up her money from Andrea’s office when she heard the keys in the front door.

“Would you like a cup of tea, Miss Hartwall?” she had asked on meeting Katie’s mum in the hallway.

“That would be lovely. And then maybe we could have a little chat, Rosie.” Andrea headed into her office to drop off her bag.

“I hope that Katie has been put to bed and is feeling very sorry for what she has done today?” she continued.

Rosie Benson laughed.

“Oh, she’ll be impeccably behaved from now on – I’m sure of that, Miss Hartwall,” she replied as she walked into the kitchen and filled the kettle with water.

Rosie and Andrea sat in the living room, drank their tea and chatted about Katie’s punishment, Andrea’s meeting and what Rosie planned to do career-wise. Truth was Rosie Benson had no real idea what she wanted to do.

“I mean, what can you do with an English degree these days?” Rosie had joked, totally forgetting that Andrea Hartwall had been her English teacher before becoming Deputy and then Head Mistress at Hillhead College.

Ms. Hartwall had let Rosie’s joke go, telling the short blonde-haired girl about a conversation that she had had with the girl’s mother two days previously. Andrea had told her mum about the opportunities to train as a teacher at her school, which was the best school in the city by a mile. Rosie Benson left Ms. Hartwall’s house just after 10pm and promised that she would think about the job opportunity that she was being offered.

Just over two years later, Miss Rosie Benson had completed her teacher training and passed her induction year at Hillhead College. She had joined the English department and continued to be a credit to the high-achieving school. Miss Benson had established herself with her students quickly and had used her experience of being Head Girl at the school to her advantage – taking her Year Twelve Form Class to see the school honour’s board, where her name was proudly displayed as a past Head Girl. Each girl in her class knew what that meant – Rosie Benson was not to be messed with. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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