Regression – taking a bath

In the precedent story, Andrew make Julia regressed as a baby.
Now in september it’s time to have a bath, but not in the bathroom.
One month later, the therapy changes her, reinforce their relationship and take some very good moments together. Now a new episode of this regression therapy.

Regression – taking a bath

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Julias was now in a clean diaper but has not finished expelling all the mater.
We had a nap together on the sofa, I hold her in my arms.
We spend a good hour relaxing. She soils a little bit her diaper, wetting it a lot too.
I guide her to the bathroom, spread a towel on the floor and invite her to lay on her back.
I took her diaper off and wipe her.
I prepare a two quart of hot water and ivory soap in the red enema bag. She was not so happy when she says
“Andrew, is it really nacessary ?”
“Yes my dear, I want you to be nice and clean, you were very wise all the therapy long it’s important that’s you are clean inside too”
She smiles, being reassured by my words, she trust me as I did not want to disappoint her, I just want to best for my babygirl.
“Yes Daddy, I understand”
I make her take the whole two quarts in two time and to her surprise I did not put a diaper on her. I just let her go to the toilets, but I stay with her.
At the beginning she was a little bit embarrassed but after a while she relaxed and it was normal.
I explain her now she’s going to be a big girl, she will decide what role she want to play, the working girl, the little, the baby.
I wipe her and make her take a last two-quart enema with clean hot water.
She expels it in the toilet once again and I diaper her with a simple diaper, a snuggie overnight and a plastic pants.
She diapers me I know she love that, and I wear on plastic pant on. We put our wear on and took a bag
I said her we leave the house for a mysterious destination.
We arrived on a beach, I saw her smile, great we will have a bath. There is not a lot of people.
We change directly close to the car, with an interrogative look she looks at me and I put my swim suit directly on my diaper.
She was surprised and with a playful look she took her one piece swim suit.
She put on a pareo we took mask thin and snorkel and we went to the beach, we love to have a bath looking at the fishes.
We let our bag on the beach and go directly in the ocean, it’s a nice sensation when you are diapered in the water.
the plastic panties help to not wet the diaper too fast but there is a few waters which enter, it’s a very strange and funny sensation.
We took time to tease each other in the water especially trying to spread the plastic pants to make the water invade the pants.
After an hour spend in the water we took a moment in each other arm on the beach then we came back home.
“I’m so proud of you, I hope now you trust me and you’ll not be jealous for nothing. I consider the therapy finished but the beginning of a long relation”
“Daddy, you were so Nice with me, I want you to know I’m your”
I had a tear on my cheek, it touches me a lot and I answer that I want her to be happy.
“I’m yours too honey, you’re so sweet, and now that you’re clean, we can have a good time”
I guide her under the shower, and we rinse together.

After that, we dry each other, and I take a medium plug and a lubricant.

She was already installed in the bed waiting for me. I put lubricant on the plug and spread it on the plastic, she was lying on her back, legs up exposing her anus in a very pleasant version. I warm her ass hole with one, then two and three fingers. Then she begs for having the whole plug.
I fulfil her request, I put it slowly but firmly with back and forth. The largest part passes the anus, she moans as I put it back and finally inserted it in the whole length. I press on the outside part, she was biting her lips. I lick her vulva. She was very hot.
Then she make me lie on my back, she placed herself her bottoms over my hand and she begin to suck delicately my penis, I was in heaven.
I stimulate her vulva and clitoris and the plug well buried in her anus.
Then I took the vibrating egg and inserted it in her all wet vagina and launch a program and let the remote control in her hand.
I took the plug out of her anus and she overlap me, she took my hard dick and guided to her small opening.
The insertion was very pleasant. Then she shakes her body on mine, rubbing her clito hard on my pubis. We sweat, we come very high together.

We took a moment in each other arms, tired but very aroused.

The decision was taken she wants to be mine and I want her to be very happy, then every Friday evening there will be a summary for attitude and Saturday will be the maintenance day but every day there will be little adjustment of behavior, I know she will be naughty enough to receive sound spanking when she deserve or just when she decide.

After this discussion I took two diapers and four inserts and we diaper each other.
We spend the evening and the night in diapers only making love sometimes.

And now the adventures continue…

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