Alison’s punishment

Alison’s punishment

Allison sighed to herself as she laid down across her mother’s lap. She tried to make herself as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. After all, a spanking was really intended to be uncomfortable and that was why she was laying herself across her mother’s knees in the first place.

After some wiggling around, she decided she was as settled as she’d ever be, but as usual her mother felt differently and she manhandled the pretty teen into a position where her head was a great deal lower than the girl preferred, and her bottom was a great deal higher, which her mother preferred.

As she lay there across her mother’s lap, Allison reflected on the irony of it all. She was so happy that her parents loved her and wanted only the best for her, yet this very love led to her being very frequently spanked in a most painful and embarrassing way. She sighed to herself again. It was so nice being loved, but sometimes she wished she could be just a little bit neglected.

Her reverie was broken when she felt her skirt being lifted up over her waist. The feel of cool air on her bare legs always brought the same panicky thought into her head: which panties was she wearing? Most of Allison’s panties were quite sensible, but she had a few pairs that were rather risqué. She seldom dared wear them because she spent so much time in the very position she was presently in. It just didn’t do to have your mother lift your skirts and discover a pair of sexy panties on your bottom. Not only would it have been embarrassing, but the sexy panties tended to be very small and quite thin and gave virtually no protection to the bottom they were covering. Allison tried to think back to when she’d dressed that morning…yes, she remembered now. She’d stepped into a very ordinary pair of white cotton briefs. The panties she was wearing were entirely suitable for a spanking.

Allison’s thoughts were jerked back to the present when she felt her mother lean over and pick up the hairbrush from the side table. This was the moment Allison hated most, when the spanking was just about to begin. She felt her mother tug her panties up a little, getting the wrinkles out and smoothing them over her bottom. Then her mother put her left hand on the small of the poor girl’s back and pressed down very hard. Allison clamped her legs together and squeezed her bottom together as tightly as she could in anticipation.

A sharp tap on the seat of her panties with the hairbrush reminded her that this was exactly what she was not supposed to do, so Allison made a deliberate, conscious effort to relax her bottom as much as she could.

“Oh!” Allison spoke her first word out loud as the spanking commenced with a hard swat on her panties right where she normally sat.

“Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ohhhh! Mother! Oh! Please stop! Oh!” Every spank from the hairbrush brought another exclamation from the poor girl. Allison and her sisters had all tried to take a spanking without crying out and all of them had failed. When the hairbrush landed on their panties, it was impossible not to cry out in pain. It was probably a good idea to cry anyway, as their mother tended to judge the efficiency of her paddle work by the cries it elicited from her daughters and a silent daughter tended to make her spank harder until the usual reactions were forthcoming.

Meanwhile, unlike her daughter, Allison’s mother was quite pleased with the way the spanking was proceeding. The young woman’s white cotton panties provided a perfect outline of the area she wished to spank and she was visiting each square inch of the material with the hairbrush. The very bottom of her panties, where the girl’s cheeks met her legs, got special attention, as she believed it was very important that a spanked girl have a reminder of her punishment whenever she sat down during the next day or two.

Luckily for everybody in the family, Allison’s mother had spent a great deal of time across her mother’s lap when she was a girl, so she knew exactly what her daughter was experiencing as she brought the back of the wooden hairbrush down on the girl’s panties. She knew that a naughty girl could take a much harder spanking that most people believed and that a very severe spanking was necessary if the punishment was to do any good. Secure in this knowledge, she raised the hairbrush up very high and brought it down on her daughter’s upturned bottom as hard as she could on every stroke. The results were most satisfying as the girl yelped out loud with every swat on her rear and jerked convulsively on her lap, trying to escape the impact of the brush. Soon the young woman’s long legs were kicking frantically, a sure sign that the spanking was doing her some good. Reassured that all was going well, Allison’s mother concentrating on putting all of her strength into each swat and landing the brush evenly on every square inch of her daughter’s backside – with special attention to that all important sitting area, of course.

Allison, meanwhile, was not at all pleased with the way the spanking was proceeding. By now she was bawling continuously, with the sobbing punctuated by sharp shrieks every time the paddle landed on an especially tender part of her bottom. She was frantically twisting and squirming on her mother’s lap and kicking her legs wildly, trying to get free, but her mother’s strong arm had her quite securely pinned in place and she was unable to escape the hairbrush that was setting her rear end on fire. After a while she lost track of time and the whole world contracted until nothing existed except her burning bottom and the hairbrush that rained blow after fiery blow upon it.

After a great many very hard swats with the paddle, Allison’s mother could see a definite red tint showing through the white cotton material of her daughter’s panties. That was the sign she was looking for because it meant the girl’s bottom had been spanked sufficiently red to have done some good. She laid the hairbrush down and reached for the waistband of the girl’s panties.

When Allison felt her mother’s hand pulling her panties down, she collapsed in relief because she knew that the first and hardest part of her spanking was over. Even though the soft cotton material burned her flaming bottom as her mother pulled the garment downwards, a feeling of relief and joy still swept through the poor girl. Her bottom would have some rest now, even though the hairbrush would be back to visit it again before she was allowed to get up from her mother’s lap.

Allison’s mother was also very happy, for pulling her daughter’s panties down had uncovered a pair of bright red bottom cheeks – just exactly what she liked to see at this point in a spanking. She was so relieved that she’d paddled her daughter hard enough the first time. Occasionally, the panties would be thicker than she thought or her arm wouldn’t be as strong as it normally was and she’d face the unpleasant task of pulling the poor girl’s panties back up and resuming the spanking. This was always as hard on her as it was on the poor girl across her lap, but when it needed to be done, she would do it. Luckily, the first part of this spanking had gone well and she pulled her daughter’s panties down to her knees, where they would be out of the way when the spanking finished. But first, there was an enema to give.

Allison heard the bubbling sound as her mother filled the enema syringe with soapy water from the big plastic bucket. She was so glad that her mother was giving her an enema! Not that the young woman enjoyed enemas, of course, she quite detested them. Her least favorite time of the week was Saturday night when her mother would call her and her sisters into the bathroom one by one for a session with the big red family enema bag. All of the girls hated having to bend over the sink, holding their nightgowns up above their waists while their mother slid the long, thick pipe into their bottoms. Allison knew from reading the box the enema syringe came in that it wasn’t even an enema pipe the girls were getting up their rears and it was really intended for another opening all together. She told her mother about what she’d discovered, but her mother merely “explained” that if her mother had used this kind of pipe on her when she was Allison’s age and that if this bothered her, she would be happy to give her a spanking to take her mind off her problem. Allison decided it was wiser to keep her silence and concentrate on taking as much water as she could, since not taking enough was liable to earn her a spanking for letting herself get constipated.

Those weekly cleansings and an occasional enema when a girl was too sick to go to school were all Allison’s mother used to administer. She never used to give punishment enemas. Until just a few months ago, the hairbrush spanking would have continued on her bare bottom, which was just unbearably painful and something that all of the girls dreaded. Then, one day out of the blue, their mother had gathered Allison and her sisters together and shown them the new squeeze bulb enema syringe she’d just bought and asked them if they would like to substitute an enema for most of the bare bottomed portion of their spankings.

The girls had rejoiced when they heard that there was an alternative to those horrible hairbrush spankings on their bare red bottoms and all of them had eagerly agreed. Their mother had worried that perhaps they didn’t know exactly what they were agreeing to. She told them that the enema water would be very hot and very soapy and that the enemas would be very big. The girls had said that was all right with them. Their mother then informed them that the enema wouldn’t completely replace the bare bottomed portion of their spankings. After they’d taken all their enema, she explained, she would still take the hairbrush and go over their bottoms and their thighs all the way down to their knees, so that they would have something to think about when they sat down on the toilet to expel their enemas.

Even that had not been enough to dissuade the girls, so their mother added one final provision: if any girl wanted to substitute an enema for the bare bottomed portion of their spankings, she would first have to go across her lap for an irrigation to see what they were in for before they committed themselves.

All three of the girls eagerly placed themselves across their mother’s lap that afternoon. Since Allison was the oldest, she had gone first and she soon found herself in a very familiar position – across her mother’s lap with her head lower than was comfortable, her bottom higher than she really wanted it and her panties down around her knees. The enema turned out to really be very hot and the soapy water did burn quite a bit and as her mother squeezed bulb full after bulb full of the water into her rear, she realized that the enema really was very big. And the hairbrush on her bare bottom and legs certainly did hurt her very very much, but all of the punishment combined wasn’t half as bad as the old bare bottom hairbrush spankings and Allison was delighted to agree to receive a large enema each time she was spanked, in exchange for getting her bare bottom paddled with that hairbrush!

Allison had trotted off to the bathroom then, where she discovered that the hairbrush had done its work very well when she sat down on the toilet and stood up again as fast as she’d sat down. Her thighs and the backs of her legs were very sore and it was very uncomfortable to sit down. She finally worked out a method of gathering her dress up under her arms while she leaned one elbow on the bathroom sink and the other elbow on the toilet paper holder so that she could support most of her weight while she sort of squatted over the toilet and pooped out her enema. This didn’t work so well when she went to wipe herself, but still, she managed without too much discomfort.

While Allison was relieving herself, her sister Terri had taken her place across her mother’s knees and Allison heard the frequent gurgling sounds as the enema syringe’s rubber bulb was refilled for another injection of hot, soapy water. After she’d emptied herself, Allison flushed the toilet and then very carefully pulled her panties back up and smoothed her dress into place before walking back to her mother’s bedroom. She arrived just in time to see her mother slide the narrow tube into her sister’s bottom and give the bulb a good hard squeeze. Allison could tell from the expression on her sister’s face that she was discovering that the enema was indeed very hot, very soapy and very large. She didn’t doubt for a moment that her sister would choose the enema over the bare bottomed hairbrush spanking, though. There was no comparison!

Just then her mother noticed Allison. “Dear,” she said, “I think you should hold your dress up, like after a regular spanking. And do show me your bottom, please, honey.” As she said this, she was squeezing a bulb full of water into Terri’s rear. When the bulb was empty, she pulled the thin tube out from between the girl’s cheeks and refilled it from the bucket of hot, soapy enema water.

Allison blushed when she heard her mother’s “request”, but she knew she’d better do it. It was normal practice for a girl who’d been spanked to spend some time displaying her bare bottom, as a sort of warning to her sisters. If the girl had been wearing pants when she went over her mother’s knee, they were removed completely before the spanking began and stayed off afterwards. If the girl were wearing a dress when she was spanked, like Allison, the dress was rolled up and tucked into her belt, which Allison proceeded to do. She then removed her panties and stood there holding them.

While she was doing this, her mother had slid the narrow enema pipe into the cleft between Terri’s bottom cheeks and had found her rectum with its tip. A smooth shove slid the nozzle up the girl’s rear again. She inserted the tube all the way so that the rubber bulb was wedged between the girl’s cheeks and then she squeezed the bulb. By now it wasn’t necessary to look at the girl’s face to tell that she had a very large enema inside of her because her soft groan as another load of hot soapy water was squirted into her bowels made that quite obvious. Her mother didn’t hesitate to refill the bulb, however, for she was in the habit of giving each of her girls a series of large enemas each Saturday night and she knew that Terri had an excellent capacity and could take several more bulb fulls of water. She proceeded to give them to her. While doing so, she directed Allison to turn around and show her bottom and the backs of her legs. These were still visibly red from her short session with the hairbrush.

Uncomfortable as the enema was, Terri was not eager for it to stop, for she had seen her oldest sister get spanked on her bottom and legs and she wasn’t looking forward to getting the same. On Saturday, the words, “Well, I guess that’s enough,” were cause for joy, but today those same words gave the poor girl a sinking feeling as she felt her mother put the enema syringe down and pick up the hairbrush. Her mother wasted no time and within seconds, the hairbrush was slamming down, first on her bare bottom and then up and down each leg. The spanking only took a minute, but it seemed like hours before the girl was allowed to get up from her mother’s lap and run to the bathroom.

All three of the girls got a big hot enema from their mother, followed by a short spanking on their bare bottoms and legs from the hairbrush. Afterwards, still displaying their bare bottoms, all three of the girls had requested this form of punishment instead of the much more severe bare bottom hairbrushing in the future and that’s the way it had been ever since.

No one was more grateful for the new policy than Allison, who now lay across her mother’s lap with a long narrow enema pipe stuck into her rear, feeling hot soapy water gush into her bowels as her mother squeezed the rubber bulb. It was uncomfortable, to be sure, but compared to the old punishment, it was heaven on earth. Even as she felt bulb after bulb full of hot water being squirted into her, she never once wanted to exchange the enema for the hairbrush, not even when she was very full indeed and each new bulb full was quite uncomfortable.

She was a bit relieved when her mother put the enema syringe down and picked up the hairbrush, but only because it meant her punishment was almost over. As the first swats from the hairbrush landed on her bare legs, just below her bottom, and worked their way down to her knees, she had absolutely no doubts that she’d rather be getting more of the enema, painful as it was. When the hairbrush started landing on her red, sore seat, that sentiment grew even stronger and the tears started to flow again.

Thankfully, it was all over quickly and Allison’s mother helped her daughter get up from across her lap. She then led the girl into the living room and made her stand in a corner for fifteen minutes with her dress up and her panties down around her ankles. This was very important for three reasons: because the embarrassment was part of the punishment, it allegedly served as a deterrent to her sisters who were in the living room watching TV at the time and it gave the enema plenty of time to work.

All three purposes were served, more or less. Allison was deeply embarrassed because not only were both of her sisters in the living room when her mother led her in, but so was her father. Of course, they all knew she’d had a spanking because the sound of the hairbrush on her panties and her crying could be heard in every room of the house. They all knew she’d had an enema, too, partly because that was now a standard part of every spanking but mostly because it was pretty obvious from the way she walked that she had a very large enema up her rear.

Her sisters were sort of deterred by the sight of poor Allison standing in the corner holding her skirt up above her waist. Her bottom and legs were in very plain view and the red marks that covered them were a very useful reminder of what would surely happen to them if they were naughty.

And finally, the enema had more than enough time to work. It was actually working pretty well as Allison was led into the living room and she would much rather have run to the toilet instead. As it was, she was in agony from the cramping and trying to hold the enema in and it just got worse and worse as she waited for her corner time to end. Her mother was a little worried that her sisters seemed more amused than deterred by the sight of their older sister squeezing her legs together, shifting her weight from foot to foot, squeezing her seat together and all the other antics she displayed as she fought to hold her enema. Her mother’s intuition told her that both of them would probably wind up over her lap before the week was out. “Well,” she thought to herself, “they won’t giggle when they’re the ones in the corner.

When the fifteen minutes were up, she made sure her desperate daughter pulled her panties back up where they should be and smoothed her dress back down before she sent the girl off to the bathroom to relieve herself of the several quarts of hot soapy water she’d had injected into her bowels.

She followed her in and cleaned the enema equipment in the bathroom sink while her daughter lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down to her knees and sat on the toilet like a lady. She’d found out about the squatting and felt this was the best way to prevent it. Allison gritted her teeth and sat her red legs and bottom down on the cold toilet seat. “Oh well,” she thought to herself as the enema poured out of her, “it’s not as bad as that hairbrush on my bare bottom!”

As the water gushed out of her bowels, a feeling of relief and even contentment swept over Allison. Her bottom still burned from the spanking, but she didn’t mind because the spanking was over. In fact, now that it was all over, Allison was actually kind of glad she’d been punished. She knew so many girls whose mothers didn’t love them enough to give them the discipline they needed and she didn’t want to be like them. Her mother was still at the sink, drying off the enema syringe before putting it in the cupboard. Allison looked up at her from the toilet and said, “Mommy, thank you for punishing me. If I ever say ‘damn’ again, I hope you’ll spank me just as hard and give me another big enema.”

Her mother looked down at her kindly but idiotic daughter, who had just said the “d”-word again and sighed. She stopped drying the enema syringe and started filling the bucket with hot, soapy water again. Five minutes later, Allison sighed to herself as she laid down across her mother’s lap.

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