My First Experience In Diaper

I just come to post a story (an experience) on the “I love Pee Stories” called “The Pee Sensation On My Skin” But it’s real place is here. I hope you will like this.

I’ve had a pee experience in the street due to desperation.
Now I’ve bought a bag of purple adult diaper “Molicare super plus”

It was a great moment to buy it and very excited arrived at home.

Wet milicare inside massages
Wet milicare inside massages

I saw many baby diapers due to my friends but adult diapers are very impressives.
It’s big and adapted to my body 🙂
The first contact to open the bag arrived at home excited me a lot.
I get off all my clothes and spread a diaper on my sofa.
I put my bottoms on it and fasten the tapes as tight as I can.
I touch and rub my vulva through my diaper.
A very strange and sweet sensation.
At the beggining I can’t pee, I relax and let go.
The flow arrived and it wasn’t evident but I don’t resist to put my hand on it to feel the sensation of heat spreading into my diaper.
It was hot, sweet end thick between my legs.
I put my hand under the diaper to feel how wet it was, and I can’t resist to touch my vulva and rub my c l i t until I came in diaper.
After I walked like a duck, I found it very fun.
The thick material between my legs give good sensations…

I drank at least 2 liter of water, beer, wine… I perforated the diaper I had and add another one, perforated again and a third one to finish.

I wass all aroused and this thick diaper excited me a lot.
I spend the night on my stomach, legs spread, massaging my wet valva and touch this incredible mass envelopping my crotch.

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