Got The Flue After A School Spanking With The Belt

All is in the title
My temperature was taken rectally for an exam . My panties were taken down revealing marks from the last belt spanking.

I was feeling horrible, headache, nausea and weak. My mother called Dr. B, also a close friend of the family, and we were headed to his office. The pre exam went as usual, several questions, BP, listening to my chest, everything except for my temperature. Twice the nurse placed the thermometer under my tong followed shortly by a sound round of vomiting. As we were getting ready for a third try Dr. B entered the room. He started his exam with the same questions, had me sit up, listened to my chest, and then took a look in my ears, nose and mouth. He instructed me to lay back raised my shirt slightly and started poking around my belly, undoing my jeans and lowering them slightly he continued pushing and going Oh or OK. Finally he asked me to roll over, raised my shirt poked on my sides examined my back. Just relax like this so we can give you some medicine to make you more comfortable. He asked the nurse what was my temp was. She informed him that she got a reading of 100.8 but it was only in for a minute and before the vomiting came. OK have the aid get a good temperature and I will put the order in for some meds and he left.

A moment later the aid entered the room, talked with the nurse a moment, as the nurse left my mother stated she would be back after she checked on my sisters. I could hear the aid working on the counter but from where I was and in my position I could not see much more than her back. After a minute she approached the table and I felt her cool hands slide inside my jeans and start to lower them. I jumped and she quickly pulled her hands out and lowered me back down onto the table. She said sorry I did not mean to startle you but I need to lower your pants as Dr. B has ordered a rectal temperature. My protest was ignored as she lowered my jeans almost to my knees stating “You know Dr. B has been known to order/give a spanking when patients refuse to cooperate.” As I felt her hands slide under the waist band of my underpants she asked “Do I need tell Dr. B you won’t cooperate?” as she laughed. I said no and added Dr. B would not spank at my age anyway. My underpants came down, I felt my cheeks part and the thermometer slid in. I was hoping there were no marks left from my experience at school a week earlier.

The aid rested her left hand on the small of my back and held the thermometer in place with her right hand as she talked about what Dr. B did just last week. She explained in detail how a girl 15 almost 16 refused to cooperate, Dr. B came in the room, lowered her pants and panties and with her mother and I holding her hands used his belt to whip her until she was bawling. She stated that she was in yesterday and offered no resistance. With that she removed her hand form the thermometer and traced tow lines on my bottom saying her bottom looked just like this. Sh** I was caught she knew I got the belt last week. With that the door opened and the nursed asked “How is everything going.” The aid slid the thermometer out and said we are already up to 102.9. The nurse instructed her to keep it in until she return with the medicine and the door closed.

The aid parted my cheeks, reinserted the thermometer, and said so why did you get the belt? I said what belt? She traced the lines on my bottom this belt, don’t be embarrassed you would be surprised how many bottoms are spanked at your age and even older. I then confessed the whole thing in detail (previous story). How I was late to school, wrote my own note (as I was 18), got an attitude, refused to cooperate, and cursed resulting with additional strikes form the belt. Just as I finished the story the Nurse opened the door, entered the room and asked what the reading was now. I was so glad I had finished the story as I did not want anyone else knowing what happened. The aid stated it was now 103.4 and my mother commented that I ran high fevers when I was ill.

The nurse informed me that Dr. B had ordered two suppositories for me one for the nausea and another for the fever. However he wanted to see haw I did with these before he decided if I would get a shot. The aid left and the nurse approached my side and inserted each holding it in place for seamed like forever but was truly only a minute or two. After the nurse was done she raised the back of my underwear and jeans almost to the top of my bottom and said try to get some rest know. She explained to my mother that they would be back in a half hour or so to check my temperature again. I curled onto my side and went to sleep.

When I woke I was still laying on my side with the aid standing over me. My pants were down to my knees and as I started to move the Aid held me in position saying just be still we are in the middle of taking your temp and the thermometer is in place. Her left hand then rested on my left side with her right hand against my bottom holding the thermometer in. Since I was facing her on my side I became aware that I was somewhat exposed and something had grown. The aid said so are you feeling a bit better since the medicine has kicked in? I said I think so but I am very lightheaded. Dr. B entered the room and asked How’s it looking. The aid removed the thermometer said 99.8 so far. I started to roll onto my belly but the Aid said we are not done yet, parting my cheeks and reinserting the thermometer.

Dr. B said something to the nurse and she left the room. He then explained to my mom that it was most likely the flue. The medicine should take care of that and it should be over in 24 to 48 hours. However there is some tenderness on the side and there is a slight chance it was appendicitis. He told my mom that the medicine could mask the signs and that for the next 48 hours she should check my temperature no less the every 4 hours, more often if it is over 102.0. As he talks, the nurse enters the room and I notice she has a syringe on the silver tray. He said if it reached 104.0 to call him right away. In addition to that at least for the next week it should be checked no lees then twice a day even if it is consistently normal. During that time if it goes over 101.0 then give him a call. He then adds and all of these need to be taken rectally. I said WHAT and Dr. B quickly replied “Do I need to undo my belt?” As she pats and rubs my bare bottom the aid replies “No I think he will be fine, what do you think Mom?” Mom agreed “No problem, I have a belt at the house that can always use a good workout!” Oh my they were all talking as if I was not there and about spanking my bare bottom with a belt.

With that done the thermometer is removed and the aid announces 100.3. I start to straighten my waist and legs as I see the nurse approaching needle in hand. The aid places her left arm behind my back and draws my legs up saying just relax it will all be over in a moment. A short sting followed by an intense pain in my A**. I was finally allowed to roll over on my belly, a Band-Aid placed on my bottom and my pants raised. Next the aid slid her hand just underneath the top of my pants to just touching my upper cheek and crack, leaned over my ear and whispered, “when everything is over I am sure you’re a** will be just fine.”

Over the next days I lived in bed mostly on my belly with the thermometer in my bottom, just removed, or waiting for it to be inserted. Or so it seemed. The following week consisted of a routine. In the morning I would be awakened by mom taking my temperature at various stages from rolling me over, or lowering my PJ’s and sometimes having already inserted the thermometer and holding it in place. In the afternoon or early evening when I arrived home I would go to the den lay across Mom’s lap resting on the couch to have it checked. Friday I arrived home and my mother said I should meet her in the den. I thought this was a little odd as we had gone a couple of days without having my temperature checked. Perhaps that will be my next memory transferred into a story.

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