I was spanked with the belt

I’m just 13 and I get spanked with the belt in front of people !

I had just recently turned 13 and a group of us decided to play House and Dr. in the basement while our parents were out. We figured we were safe as my oldest sister was in charge and her boyfriend was over. There were 7 of us stuck together for the day (2 sisters 10 &12, two female friends 11, 13, 2 cousins M-11, F-14). At this moment my 12 year old sister was the patient and I told her I was going to take her temperature in her bottom. I undid her pants and told her to rollover. Everyone was a little nervous and the room got quite as her pants came down. I went over to get the thermometer just as my older sister walked in. Her boyfriend left and she noticed that we got quiet. She was not happy about what she saw and she quickly broke up the room.

My mother was home within the hour and questioned each of us individually as to what we were doing and who took my sisters pants down. She would say if you don’t say who did it you will all get spanked! After the second round she called me into the kitchen and said I had one last chance to come clean. The plan was for no one to say anything, even if we all got it. I denied doing anything and my Mom called everyone into the kitchen, one by one my sisters and their friends said I did it.

My mother placed me over her knee and spanked my bottom a couple of dozen times over my jeans. I guess she did not want to lower them as I was in front of a group of siblings and friends and was being spanked for pulling my sisters pants down while we were playing doctor. I remember being the one to pull them down but my sisters and two of their friends all quickly gave me up and I felt that was wrong.

After the spanking my mother stood me up and commented that next time I pull a girls pants down it would be worse. I don’t think she was sure I was guilty so she had not hit hard. I should have left it at that. Half pissed because I was singled out for the spanking, confused that it did not hurt, and knowing I truly deserved far more I blurted out “Well if that’s all I get then why not pull them all down”.

As soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to pull them back in and hoped no one paid attention. I was wrong my mother reached for the top of my jeans pulling me back in front of her. She said “Ok Mr. lets see what we can do about this.” She undid my jeans and lowered the to the ground, maneuvered me back over her knee, and asked my sister to get a belt for dad’s closet. She lectured me about respect, respecting girls, respecting her, a lesson to be learned and when my sister returned I felt her fingers slide under the waistband of my shorts. As she pulled them down I felt the cold air reach my bared bottom and goose bumps popped up.

I could feel everyone eyes on my bared backside as my mother pined my hand on my lower back ad raised the belt. I quickly felt the sting of the belt striking my cheeks and began to wonder why I opened my mouth. She proceeded to whip my bottom in front of everyone until I was bawling like a little baby kicking my jeans and shorts across the room. I knew that I deserved the spanking but was not happy that the girls had given be up so quickly and I wanted revenge! When she let me up I was still crying but somehow started talking saying it was not fare that only I got spanked and no one else did because I did nothing different and was not.. Before I could finish my words I was back over her knee and her had was rapidly spanking my red bottom for several more minutes. When she let me up this time she asked “do you need any more” I said no and was sent to my bed.

A while later as I was lying in bed I herd my mom calling each person to her. My room was directly under the Kitchen and I could hear much of the conversation and events. I would hear a lecture, the dreaded words “bend over” followed by pleading, then crying form licks with what I later found out to be a hairbrush. One by one they each got 12 licks and varying numbers with her hand. I listened with satisfaction knowing everyone get it.

After she finished my mom came into the room and sat next to me on the bed told me she loved me and gave me a hug. She explained I got the belt for my mouth and attitude and disrespect in front of others. She added that the first spanking I got was not much but was given because I was the one to pull my sisters pants down. She then added that after thinking about my anger the no one else getting spanked, and after talking to a couple of the girls about what went on she decided she would give everyone the hairbrush for what occurred. She hugged me and said unfortunately yours will hurt a little more that others as your bottom is already sore. With that she slid me over her lap and the edge of the bed and delivered the last round for the day.

So I did not really ask for the spanking, but my words got me three additional spankings in one day. I could have settled for the hand over my jeans but knew that would change nothing. My words got me the spanking I deserved and a spanking for the others who did not have my back. However, before leaving my cousin stopped by my room. I was laying on my belly with the sheet pulled up just covering my burning bottom. We talked a few minutes and she said she understood haw I was frustrated that the girls gave me up and were not getting anything. She lowered the sheet, rubbed my bare bottom, and said “wow you got it pretty bad” She then said that I should understand that she was frustrated that I got her bare bottom spanked with a hair brush and I did not turn on you! Like you I need and will get even, just wait. She pulled up the sheet, smiled, and left the room.

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