Regression therapy

A regression therapy

After spending a whole year living together, Julia my girlfriend and I discovered our tendency for ageplay, caregiver/baby/lilgirl, ddlg and domestic discipline.
I become her Daddy, we play with diapers.
Some child (real child) can become jealous of events like the arrival brother, sister, parents dispute.
This story show how to manage a misunderstanding in a couple.

One day at work I had a problem with my car, it has to be repaired at a garage and no replacement car. I call Julia to catch me after work.

Aroud 6PM I call her, I take the time to go out my office.

I see a co worker, a cute girl we are friends and recently, her boyfriend left her and her cat is dead.
I take her in my arms, she was crying and I try to comfort her.

She calm down thanks me and I’m waiting for my love to come.

I saw Julia, she was parked just around the building corner. I got into the car, kiss her and we leave home. Once arrived she was nervous but she stay on her reserve,
We ate as usualy and looking for a movie on TV.
We go to bed and use to diaper each other at bedtime. She was not open to conversation, I was tired of this day and I fall asleep.

I woke up and there was a weird smell, it’s seven in the morning and she was in a deep sleep. I raise the sheet and I locate the odor, Julia just come to poo her diapers and she’s always asleep. I did not believe that.

It’s time for me to have my breakfast, a coffe and that’s all, put on radio.
I went to the supermarket and pharmacy to buy all the stuff I need. I take a day off.
At eight I come back in the bedroom, she wakes up with difficulties, I read panic in her eyes, I’m there with this unpleasant odor, I held her hand.
Sitting on the bed just beside her, I calm her down. One hand stroking her hair and the other one following her body curve from breats to her loaded diaper. I squeeze her diaper she accept spreading mess with a bit of reluctance.
We go to the bathroom, I remove her diaper and make her take a shower. I wash her like a toddler.

While she dried herself, I prepare a big mug of tisan.

I remember my 5 year old niece who poo her panties when she learn her mother was pregnant. It arrive to children potty trained to simulate they are baby to attire attention.
My Julia seem in that case, she poo her pants like a toddler !
Once she was dry I ask her tenderly what’s going wrong. In a little voice she said she had saw me in the arms of another girl.
I understood immediatly and I explain the situation.
She’s is a little bit jealous, it please to me but in this case it’s a misunderstanding, a pure one. Once I explain she agreed, we do excuse to each other for that, our love is too strong to fail on this kind of situation.
I took my day off and I’ve decided to make her a regression therepy.

“Honey, you’re the one and the only one, do you trust me.”
“Yeeesssss, I trust you, I’m so sorry, scuuuse me daddy”
I take her in my arms, she calls me daddy, yes !
I put her in the bed, put a fresh diaper on her, footed pajama. She looks tired. I explain her she will be my baby for the next three days, she’s babble OK.
She drank a tisan and she felt asleep.

Aroud 11AM she wake up. I love to see her in her footed PJ. I check her diaper it’s wet and she confide me she wet while she was asleep.
I have to soothe her and I prepare a brunch.
She ask my why I’m not at work, I simply answer that I prefer taking care of my baby instead of going to work.
“I’ve prepared a program for you, for this three days you’ll be my baby”
Her eyes were wide open. I explain that she’s going to be my helpless baby for all the weekend beginning right after brunch.
“What do you mean helpless baby ?”
It’s quite simple.

Some simple rules to follow you’ll forget all you have learn as an adult.
1 – you’re not allowed to speak, only crying and Babbling, I can ask you to talk if necessary.
2 – you’ll get diapered for the next month.
3 – you’ll get feed only by myself.
4 – toilets privilege lost
5 – I make you take a bath every evening
6 – you’ll do a nap every afternoon after eating
7 – no walking, only crawling
8 – you’ll may get your hand in mittens or tied lightly
9 – do not touch yourself even if you are aroused, I’m the only one to decide
10 – your temperature will be checked at every diaper change.

If you break a rule, a spanking will be applied at the following diaper change.
“Is it understood honey ?”
“Yes Hon.. HUUUMMM” she aswered immediatly applying rules.

I take her by her arm, we go to our bedroom, I install the changing mattress and make her lie down on her back. I untape and remove her wet diaper, wipe her pussy, I see humidity but ignore it. I wipe her clean, making her legs up folded on her chest wiping her bottom. And ask her to hold the position, well exposed.

Then I took a princess pink, one insert and the thermometer. I spread the diaper under her bottom, suck the thermometer to lubricate it and introduce it in the little hole.

I began to bablle her “Is baby happy ?” with a smile on her face she nod.

I turn and move in and out the thermometer while I touch her vagina slowly.

After 2 minutes, I remove the thermometer and I spread the thick white cream all aroud her crotch and diaper area.

I take the insert and fold it tight on her venus mound, I squeeze a little bit the insert on her vulva for her to have sweet sensations.

I take the Fleet Saline Enema and introduce in her anus.
“Honey, please.” she says.
“You broke the rule baby, that means you’ll get spanked next diaper change”
I finish to squeeze the content of the enema in her bowel. And I tape the diaper tight on her crotch. I also take the dummy gag and put it on Julia’s mounth, to avoid her speaking too much.
I make up her legs and verify if the diaper is well positioned. I put a footed pj and I made her crawl to the kitchen.
I begin to feed her like a baby, I want her to finish all her plates. I had to bound her arms to the armrest.
I make her drink a lot of prune juice.
I’ve made a lot of organic tisan based on calming plant like cinnamon, lime, licorice, chamomile, vervain. I fill a big baby bottle full of this tisan.
We moved to the large sofa I get her on my knee and I make her drink all the good hot tisan, she love that. She feel full and we lay together placed warmly in my arms.
We have a nap together.
I feel her moving a bit. Her tummy begin to gurgle. The fleet enema doing it’s job.

Then the doorbell rang. It was David Julia’s coach. I open the door and after salutation I just said him
“Julia is sick today, she poo her diaper and I have to care her for the day, we will do your excercices today”
He was stupefied, then I add
“Don’t worry, I will change her”
I imagine Julia’s head seeing David’s wide open eyes.
“No, I just have a day off with Julia today we have to do some important stuff today.”
I smile and he laugh heartily.
“Come back on monday”

I return to see Julia, she was laughing too but the enema makes his job and she cannot retain no more.
I took her in my arms and whisper in her ear “decontract and let go, it’s natural for a baby to soil her diaper”
She let her decontract, a Isaw a grin on her face but it was inevitable.
Once her diaper is soiled, I make her straddle on my knee, spreading matter in the diaper. You must get the habit baby, now it’s time to change you.
A quick shower and fresh diaper, it’s time to reorder the dressing.
I took a big locker box and I began to put away all her dress, pants, keeping only colored ones.
All lingerie too, I let only a few cotton panties.
Ninety percent of the wear is closed in the box.
I lock it, and put it in the attic. Between, the prune juice had done his effets too, but with no resistance you soiled your diaper like a good baby you become.
Now it’s time for the bath. We took the time I shave clean your pussy. I took the time to wash you everywhere. I make you pigtails.
I meke you on all four, and I applied 10 good spanks with the hairbrush for having spoken while forbidden.
Then I put you in thick dipaer, an onesie.
Once in the kitchen, I have prepared a lot of your favorite food.
I tie your legs and arms to the chair and I feed you, I do not want my baby spread all food on floor. I make you drink a lot of prune juice and cranberry with baby bottle.
We get a tisan, saw “Finding Nemo” and we fall asleep.
After some days
This story continue.
The next chapter.

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