Shopping with baby

After the first part of the regression here. Julia is regressed to a baby state by Brad. It’s on indirect demand from Julia and his lover try to fulfill her request.
After a good long night and a special breakfast, it’s time to go shopping.

My baby Julia awoke, I come close to her and take her in my arms, the smile on her face light this morning.

I took the paci, and I put it in her mounth before she can say a word, she try to resist but finaly suck confortabily her dummy.
I’ve prepared the breakfast with all that she love : cornflakes, slices of oranges and kiwi, prune juice and tea.
I place her on the chair, bound her arms to the armchair like usually. Before feeding her, I took the castor oil bottle, her eyes open wide, she was about saying « no » but she just, I remind her that she’s my baby for this mounth and I decide if she’s allowed to speak. She swallows every drop of the castor oil. I could make her take medication after breakfast, it could be a punishment but she’s so receptive and gentle. After a grin I feed her with her favorite meals.
After a grim, her hands on her tummy I understood she need to go potty. That’s our contract, she MUST use her diaper. She spread her legs a little and squat down in front of me and fill the diaper as expected. I let her the time to finish when she come to see me with a smile, happy of this state, she’s done it and now she’s more relaxed but in fact none of us like this situation, it smells. I take her in my arms, smoothe her but my hands plays with the back of her diaper, we were surprised to enjoy this little game.
I look at her and smile, she shily smile too I understood that she like it.
I put her directly in the shower, took out quickly her soiled diaper, fold and dispose it immediately. She spread her legs and bent over the shower and I rinse all the residual matter between her legs. I make her take a shower taking the time to soap her back, taking particular care of her private using a special soap. She love the way I touch soap and rinse between her legs taking my time between anus vulva and clitoris.
Finally dry her, brush her teeth and take her to the dressing room.
I open the closet and grab a summer dress, sandals, a snuggie overnight, an additional pad and white cotton panties.
I make her lie on her back on the bed legs up I put her a dummy in her mouth, spread the diaper under her and the booster pad. I took the thermometer and take her temp. The view is magic, the thermometer sticking out her anus, she holds her legs wide open by grabbing her ankles with her hands. I twist the thermometer and cannot resist to lick this offered vulva, she deserve it, it’s all wet, when she was closed to reach the orgasm, I insert two fingers in her vagina, she groan and take an intense pleasure.
One finished I spread the thick white cream on her clean Venus mound and close the tapes of her thick and fresh diaper. I make her stand and put the cotton panties around her waist. I make her saw in the mirror, she feels well, and I find her very cute in her thick and covered diaper.
She put her arms around me and touch my privates, I let her do. She undone my belt and she squat just in front of me. She unbuttons my Bermuda and take my penis delicately in her mouth, a real paradise, I go to the bed where I’m lying on my back, she bent over my sex while her ass is up in the air with my hand touching it. It’s very exciting to have a blow job by your diapered girlfriend. I feel it very well, her blow job is magic, I cannot resist and I have a big good orgasm while she swallow every drop of the sperm, making my hard penis very clean.
Then I made her wear her summer dress.
We took the car and I open the rear door make her seat and tight her seat belt.
« Baby you are authorized to speak now we are going to the mall and I want you to express »
Without a word, she babbles yes and nod in agreement.
Arriving at the mall I undo the seat belt. and we go to take a coffee. we talk about what we want to buy, a lot of beautiful dress and underwear adapted to this special moment.
In a first shop there was a lot of col Claudine dress and beautiful skirts. It was very funny when she was trying the dresses in the fitting room. She was only in white panties and her thick wet diaper, her smile was speaking for her. we took a very good time.
Julia try many dresses, she looks like a very beautiful adult but with a taste of baby.
After we went to and underwear store, the bought a lot of minion’s panties. The sales clerk asks us the size, then with a smile she show her waist and simply said, for me, around size 2.
Now we take the time to lunch, we take a place in a restaurant and we take two big glasses of mojito and a bottle of water. She smiles and she make me understand that’s she is peeing her diaper, filling it with a lot of pee. I tell her that must not leak and I want to check it now.
We smile each other enjoying this kinky moments, she smiles, open wide her legs and pull her dress up, I go under the table to see, I approach my hand touching the join between her legs and her thick diaper. It’s wet but the diaper can hold a lot more. That’s why I have taken a lot of drinks for a simple salad to eat.
I authorize her to speak from now but the regression is not finished.
When we come back home, she had cramps and look at me desperately, I simply show her diaper.
Arrived at home she resisted to her cramps, I put all the shopping inside and i went to the sofa.
I took her on my knees and I whisper a few words in her ears saying to relax herself.
Without any resistance she let herself soil her soaked diaper.
I put my hand under her padded ass and try to soothe her in her embarrassment.
« I’m proud of you my baby now let’s clean all this mess I want you to be nice and clean and I believe you’re close to have a very nice result »
She smile and she let me guide her, I take her in my arms, and hold on very tight.
« Once your castor oil is without effect, I’ll clean your inside »
Without hesitations she answer « YES DADDY ! »
I quickly change her, avoiding unappropriated leaks, she’s not finished with her bowels.
This will be the next part. here

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